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If your child loves math and science, Wisconsin will keep them challenged. The State has created an opportunity, for those who love science, to get involved in some of the most innovative programs created and implemented by the Department of Workforce Development. We need chemists and engineers, and you need to be part of this push to train and hire chemists and engineers.

As part of developing the sciences through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Wisconsin, in collaboration with Universities like UW-Stout, have created two youth apprentice pathways to choose from. These provide students with the core science they need, and then specialized education in civil and mechanical engineering as well as bioscience laboratory applications.

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is known for its many fishing, canoeing, and camping opportunities. Trout fishing is also popular in Dunn County with the DNR continually stocking many of its streams, including Big Elk, Wilson, Muddy, Knight and Gilbert Creeks.