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Do you want to make $40 to $45,000 without a four-year degree? It’s possible when you go to a technical school. The Chippewa Valley Technical College offers students the opportunity to learn tangible skills that can immediately be applied in their chosen profession. A technical education centers around applied, hands-on learning so that students can hit the ground running and immediately transition into a job where those exact skills are required. Regional employers know what the programs entail so seeing the two-year program on a resume gives them confidence that an employee will meet their performance standards.

Anyone who wants to start work quickly, should consider enrolling. You can learn more here.

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(Menomonie and Boyceville), and is 20 minutes from the Chippewa Valley Regional
Airport. It is one hour from the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport. The Menomonie Municipal airport is Transport/Corporate classified facility and has a new (2010) terminal building.