Construction Details

Time Line to Construct

In an effort to reduce the project schedule and milestones, the DCEDC has worked through a large portion of the project to expedite the project delivery.  In completing the planning, land acquisition, design and regulatory approvals the schedule for the project has been cut in half allowing you to occupy this building in under 6 months.

process timeline

Costs to Construct

Site Work: $275,000
Landscaping: $25,000
Building: $1,250,000
Finishes: $100,000
P-M-E: $555,000
Total: $2,205,000

Deal Structure

The Dunn County Economic Development Corporation’s goal is to work with your business to explore building financing options that will work best for you. Some examples include:

  • Lease to own
  • Conventional financing where you own your own building
  • Long term lease

In some situations, the community would be open to providing GAP financing for qualified businesses in order to reduce the upfront equity requirements.

construction companies

regional map

Map courtesy of Momentum West.

dunn edc


For More Information:

Eric Turner
Executive Director