Dunn County is an Ideal Location for Onshoring Companies

Monday, September 07, 2020

Site selectors looking for U.S. sites should consider Dunn County for its strategic midwest location near the Twin Cities, affordable property, broadband access and strong infrastructure. 

Onshoring is top of mind for business executives who have watched their supply chains be disrupted and product deliveries delayed to COVID-19. For four decades companies have offshored manufacturing operations overseas in order to save costs. COVID-19 has forced companies to ask, “At what cost?” If the cost is an inability to supply customers and fulfil contracts it may not be worth it. With 60% of U.S. manufacturing companies surveyed by Thomas reporting COVID-19 business disruptions this is a widespread issue impacting virtually all industries. 

Onshoring is the logical solution to reducing the risk of future disruptions and delays, at least in part. Though companies may not be looking to move their entire operations back to the United States, opening U.S. manufacturing facilities as part of their global operations certainly is. In that scenario, Dunn County certainly has a lot to offer.

In addition to companies onshoring directly, 28% of suppliers surveyed reported that they are seeking domestic sources. This will create expansion opportunities for current U.S. manufacturers. Dunn County is uniquely positioned to support that growth and to be a home to growing companies, or those onshoring for the first time. 

Dunn County has a lot to offer businesses 

#1 Available Commercial Sites

Dunn County has affordable real estate - both shovel ready sites and existing buildings, some of which come with incentives and opportunities to reduce construction costs or lower lease rates. For example, the Stout Technology and Business Park has ample acreage available for new development with many relocation incentives. Both commercial zone and technology zone acreage are available for development. Ideal owners are industrial and business enterprises involved in research and development, high technology, professional services and manufacturing related to the mission and programs of UW-Stout.

The Menomonie Dunn County Wisconsin Virtual Spec Building is another attractive option. and With the spec building there is an opportunity for your business to move into a brand new, customizable building built on an accelerated timeline.

#2 Location

Located on Interstate 94, the main corridor connecting the Twin Cities and Chicago metropolitan areas, Dunn County is the premier location for your new or expanding business. Dunn County is also an hour or less from Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN. A location here makes it easy to serve customers in the Twin Cities while benefiting from lower real estate and operational costs. It’s the best of both worlds. 

#3 Transportation Assets

The county boasts easy access to an extensive international transportation network including air transportation. These transportation assets have contributed to Wisconsin being named a Top 10 State for Manufacturing Company Headquarters by IndustryWeek Magazine.

#4 Workforce

People want to live and work in Dunn County, Wisconsin for reasons that include a cost of living below the national average, fast broadband speeds, immediate access to outdoor recreation, good schools, parks and access to the big city - just an hour away. We have a well-educated workforce supported by three UW systems universities & two Wisconsin Technical College System institutions. Read about our awards here

Reasons to Onshore Now

COVID-19 has demonstrated the scope and scale of the impact a global pandemic can make, but it’s not the only disaster that can disrupt supply chains. Environmental factors are another one. The world has suffered an increase in severe hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, etc. - all things that are unpredictable and cannot be controlled. Unfortunately, many of the same countries where U.S. companies have manufacturing operations have been hardest hit by these disasters and their infrastructure is not secure enough to withstand them. For example, the 2001 earthquake and tsunami in Japan and floods in Thailand had crippling effects on the electronics and automotive manufacturing sectors. Put simply - the global supply chain is fragile. Businesses who want to protect themselves must onshore at least part of their operations to protect their interests.

We Can Help

The process of finding a site, obtaining permits, constructing a facility, hiring and training a workforce may seem daunting. We understand and we are here to help. If onshoring is part of your business protection strategy, we can provide assistance throughout the entire process. Contact us to learn more.

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