Pickle-Lovers Wanted

Monday, August 06, 2018

Nothing beats the first bite into a cool crunchy pickle. If you love pickles, visit Picklefest in Boyceville. Held August 18th – 20th, this is an annual event that attracts pickle-lovers from all over the state. You can learn more about this fun festival by emailing Tillie at jamie058@centurytel.net.

The village of Boyceville has more than Picklefest. There will be a variety of events held this summer at the municipal airport and even when there are no scheduled events, there is plenty to do in this charming village. With around 1,000 residents, this is the type of place where you can expect to be greeted by a friendly face while taking an evening stroll. If small-town charm is what you are after, you will find it in this village. Click here to learn more about Boyceville or to plan your visit.

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