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Why a World-Class Medical Manufacturing Company Calls Dunn County Home Photo

Why a World-Class Medical Manufacturing Company Calls Dunn County Home

EirMed is a leading manufacturer of custom designed and engineered medical devices intended to improve patients’ lives. Located in Dunn County, they have an array of capabilities and use them to find solutions that often elude others.

Their expertise is integrated into the creation of advanced medical devices for the following markets:  biotechnology, cardiovascular, dentistry, diagnostics, diabetes care, disposables, drug delivery, ear/nose/throat, emergency, home health care, in vitro, IV therapy, neurology, nutrition, ophthalmic, orthopedic, patient mobility, pharmacy, respiratory, spinal, surgical devices and equipment, sports medicine, urology, wound care, and more. They have chosen to do their manufacturing in Dunn County. We wanted to learn why they chose this community and what benefits they experience by being located here. Brittany Hoffman, Sales and Marketing Manager for EirMed sat down and answered a few of our questions.

Q: Why did the company choose to locate in this community?

A: Dunn County has the luxury of a diverse talent pool developed by the University of Wisconsin Stout, as well as a network of technical colleges in the area that develop proficient tool makers. These, and other specialized quality tool makers, partner with us to provide customized tooling services that allow us to manufacture the highest quality products. Additionally, we have easy access to our suppliers and the support we need to operate efficiently. From an employee perspective, the Midwest work ethic in Dunn County is strong.

Q: How has being located here benefited your business?

A: Our close proximity to UW-Stout, CVTC, and WITC has provided a technical talent pool to support and grow our business. We are also centrally located for our customer base across the United States. Also, compared with larger metropolitan areas, it is far more affordable to develop and grow in Dunn County.

Q: What are the company’s future goals?

A: Our goal is to provide the highest quality custom medical devices and life science products through innovation, dedication, customer service, quality-driven results and speed to market.

We want to be a sustainable company who creates opportunities for our dedicated employees to advance while fostering a culture that rewards honesty, hard work, dedication, and teamwork.

Q: What are the benefits to your employees of being located in Dunn County?

A: This is an excellent company to work for and our location here makes it possible for people to work close to home. Many of our employees enjoy living in the area because there is quick access to activities, clean air, community events, and outdoor amenities. Many of our employees spend time on the lake, go camping, hunt, bike, fish, and enjoy spending time in nature. This is a family-friendly community with a low cost of living where people have pride in their community and roots. Additionally, the quality of education is good and close proximity to UW-Stout. This is not a big city, but everything you need is here and the big city and airport are close for easy access.

Providing high quality education is a community priority. All students receive personal attention and the benefit of being taught by truly passionate teachers. Additionally, families with special-needs or highly gifted children find that Menomonie School District is a good home for them. The district has the resources to support students with unique learning needs.  Essentially, families get the best of both worlds here because the district is large enough to offer important resources for all students, but the community is small enough to enjoy the benefits of small-town living.

EirMed supports the community and economic growth.

EirMed believes in supporting the local community to make the community a better place for its employees and stakeholders. They regularly have job openings and invite people to apply, including students. They even offer an internship program and support continued education for employees.. With three, eight-hour shifts, five days a week, there is a lot of opportunity at EirMed. In addition, Brittany wanted people to know that if there is not a position for them at EirMed, Dunn County has a strong job market overall. “In the job market there is something for everyone no matter what your skill level is. Businesses in this area are well established, providing economic growth and security, while making it possible for employees to put down roots here.”

This is a world-class medical manufacturing company who has chosen to call Dunn County home.

We invite you to join EirMed and its employees, like Brittany Hoffman, in discovering why Dunn County is an excellent place to live, work, run a business, and raise a family.

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