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Cedar Corporation’s Menomonie Location is a Win for Business Photo

Cedar Corporation’s Menomonie Location is a Win for Business

Location, location, location … the old saying that location matters is true for real estate, but also for businesses. Cedar Corporation’s location in Western Wisconsin has contributed to the company’s success and growth over the past four decades. Headquartered in Menomonie, Cedar Corporation employees are an hour to the Twin Cities, making it easy to serve large regional clients. Simultaneously, nearby Eau Claire has grown, creating the need for their engineering, architecture, planning, land surveying, landscape architecture, and environmental services. While Cedar Corporation could have located in one of those cities, the founders wanted to be based in Menomonie – a beautiful community with a talented workforce. As an added benefit, being situated among many smaller, beautiful communities has given the company a steady stream of business.

“We work with many communities in the area such as the City of Menomonie, Village of Woodville, Village of Spring Valley, City of Prescott, Village of Clear Lake. Being located in this central location has allowed for us to provide them services in a timely manner, to attend meetings, and meet with staff as needed,” said Wendy Sander, Director of Municipal Services for Cedar Corporation’s Menomonie office. This level of personalized attention and support has earned Cedar Corporation repeat business that has contributed to their growth. They have completed numerous local projects and are currently designing a street reconstruction project on 5th St. by the Menomonie High School.  This project will provide safe access for students and drivers through improved streets and trails.  They are also working on several development projects for improving workforce housing.

Cedar Corporation Attracts Top Talent  

Cedar Corporation has recruited out of the UW and Wisconsin Technical College systems, attracting from the pool of talent being cultivated by the University of Wisconsin programs. The ability to work closely with staff at UW is an asset for Cedar Corporation and for any companies located in the area. Simultaneously, they have worked to position themselves as an employer-of-choice by building their corporate culture around the needs of employees. “We pride ourselves in a family friendly culture with focus on work-life balance.  We allow our employees the freedom to be different to allow for creativity in their work and ability to provide the best client services possible,” said Joanie Dulin, Human Resources.

Cedar Corporation is Connected to the Community

The company offers engineering and architectural services to public and private clients, including municipalities of all sizes, the State of Wisconsin, in addition to private contractors and developers. This makes their business intimately connected to the health and growth of the region. To support economic development efforts, Cedar Corporation works closely with Dunn County EDC in offering economic development services to local communities.

Menomonie is Home

We asked Joanie what Cedar Corporation employees like about working in Menomonie. She said, “This area provides the ability to reach so many of our clients in this region, within an hour drive.  In addition to that, our employees are able to enjoy many of the features this area has to offer from the small downtown businesses, to the natural beauty highlighted with trails and parks, as well as being within hours of many lakes for fishing and recreation in addition to hunting locations as well.  Many of our employees grew up in this area and it allows them to stay near family, but those who have moved here from afar have found this area to fast be called “home”.”

Cedar Corporation is just one company who is experiencing the benefits of being located in Menomonie. We invite others to join them.

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