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If you are looking for snowmobile trails, head to Lucas in Dunn County. This is an excellent place to plan your ride for the day and the Snowmobile Association has information on where to go, what trails are open and important facts on the town’s website. A popular destination in Wisconsin, Lucas is a winter hub of activity.

Other recreation opportunities are also in Lucas, such as the Bjornson Education-Recreation Center. This is a 443-acre school forest, designed to allow students to enjoy nature the way that it should be enjoyed – wild and rustic. Students from all over the Menomonie area visit the forest and have for more than thirty years. You can learn more about it here.


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is known for its many fishing, canoeing, and camping opportunities. Trout fishing is also popular in Dunn County with the DNR continually stocking many of its streams, including Big Elk, Wilson, Muddy, Knight and Gilbert Creeks.